Support For ZRS

Zacks Portfolio Monitor Webinar

00:14 Introduction to ZPM

04:30 Pitchbooks

06:23 Selecting Accounts, Benchmarks, and Time Period

09:00 Report Builder, Snapshot Reporting

16:03 Disaggregating ETF’s and Mutual Funds

16:50 Characteristic Comparison Report

17:30 Performance Measurement Report

19:35 Performance Attribution Report

29:00 How to Access Support

Zacks Screening Introduction

Basic Screening

00:57 Introduction to Screening

07:40 Screening on Zacks Rank

09:47 Adding Database Items to Report

10:46 Export Output and Sort Columns

11:36 Save Screen and Report Definition

Advanced Screening

13:52 Relative Screening

20:27 Building Calculation Expressions

23:38 Multi Variable Ranking

30:36 Back testing

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