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With ZRS, you can apply both qualitative and quantitative overlays to refine your research.

ZRS Guide

Qualitative Research

Zacks Qualitative Research Suite delivers unique sell-side summaries, full text research reports from over 100 brokerage firms, plus Zacks Independent Research.

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1. Analyst Reports: Boost Your Win Rate And Save Time

Zacks reports combine top-ranked quantitative research with analyst insights to help you make your own judgments. Proven performance metrics, including the Zacks Rank, help you quickly sort opportunities and boost your win rate. Plus, our comprehensive reports offer insights that save you hours of research time.

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2. Research Delivery: Consolidate Your Resources

Even if you work in a small shop, you can get big shop research – all in one place. ZRS offers built-in full-text research reports from more than 100 boutique sell side brokerage firms.

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3. Model Portfolios: Jump Start Your Investment Process

ZRS uses the proven Zacks Rank to create and maintain model portfolios. They save you hours of work by narrowing 1000s of stocks to the select few with the most near-term potential.

Quantitative Research

Zacks Research System offers alpha building, backtesting and screening functionality to assist in the full workflow of quantitative analysis or as a complement to your fundamental workflow.

  • Up to 20+ years of market, fundamental and estimate history for robust historical testing through multiple market cycles
  • Utilize customizable buy and sell rules as well as portfolio constraints for realistic scenario analysis
  • Detailed return and risk reporting for an insightful understanding of your model or screens performance
Quantitative Research
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