Integrate Excel Data With Ease

The Zacks Excel Link plug-in makes it seamless to work with Microsoft Excel. Access all Zacks databases and eliminate entering data by hand. Create custom models or tear sheets with ease. Enter a ticker symbol or portfolio of stocks, click submit and your spreadsheet instantly populates with up to 30 years of historical data.

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Full Access to Zacks Databases

Price and total return

Earnings estimates and
estimate revisions

Quarterly and annual financial
statement data

Valuation and fundamental
ratios and metrics

Zacks proprietary quantitative
scores and ranks

Mutual fund, ETF, economic
and composite data

64 Bit Compatible

Handy Excel Ribbon and Easy-to-Use Wizards

Easily pull data into a single cell or create a table for multiple companies

Build historic time-series using relative date references, so your spreadsheet is always up‑to‑date

Create your own custom items using Zacks data Custom Expression Builder

Convenient Tear Sheet Library

Print a quick company overview that includes financials, ratios, performance tables and charts.

More Than Customer Support

Our US-based support team will work with you to customize Zacks Excel Link to meet your specific needs.

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Try Excel Link as part of Zacks Research System

Zacks Excel Link works as an add-on to all Zacks Professional Services research platforms as well as most 3rd party software.

To get the most out of Excel Link—and to get started TODAY—sign up for a free trial of Zacks Research System, our comprehensive equity research platform. Once you start your trial, you can activate and download the Zacks Excel Link add-on.

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