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Apply All of Zacks’ Valuable Proprietary Tools

ZRS’s proprietary analytics give you powerful tools to analyze stocks and model portfolios.

Zacks Valuation Model

The core of ZRS is the proven Zacks Valuation Model. It provides a framework for equity pricing that focuses on material issues of relevance and filters out distracting information. So you can stay focused on important drivers of company valuation.

Quantify Any Combination Of:

  • Earnings forecasts
  • Growth rate forecasts
  • Equity risk premium assumptions
  • Risk-free rates assumptions
  • Company specific quality adjustments

Explore Zacks Valuation Model Output:

  • Model PE Model price
  • Model forward EPS
  • Model return
  • Market implied growth
Zacks Indicator

Zacks Rank and Zacks Indicator

Len Zacks’ seminal research showed that earnings forecast revisions are one of the most powerful forces driving stock prices. Zacks Indicator and Zacks Rank help you accurately predict stock price movements based on expected estimate revisions and earnings surprises.

Zacks Style Scores

Style scores work in tandem with the Zacks Rank to help you pick the best stocks associated with fundamental investing strategies: growth, value and momentum. Each style score is relative to all other companies with the same Zacks Rank.

Default Displays Designed to Help You Spot Opportunities

ZRS automatically displays critical information in helpful ways. You’ll find insightful approaches to viewing price/earnings trends, margin analysis, consensus earnings estimate revision trends, sustainable/supportable growth, and more.

Default Displays Designed to Help You Spot Opportunities
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