Unmatched Portfolio Modeling Capability

ZRS helps you look great in front of your clients. It integrates seamlessly with our Zacks Portfolio Monitor application. With a single mouse click, portfolio managers and client-facing staff can produce highly professional graphics-based presentations and pitchbooks.

The Ultimate in Simplicity

  • Single click account navigation
  • Interactive report designer
  • Single click backdated reporting
  • Quickly group reports into pitch books
  • Integrates with nearly every accounting system
  • Advent Alliance Partner
  • Multiple asset class support

Characteristic, Performance & Attribution Reporting Made Simple

  • Simple, concise on-screen and MS Excel output
  • Transaction & Holdings based returns
  • Single click backdated reporting
  • Index and Model portfolio comparables

A Versatile Value Proposition for the Entire Firm

  • Portfolio Managers – Portfolio analysis
  • Marketing Departments – Client account reporting
  • A single product for all groups

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